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Well, hello, there. It's nice and creepy out. That's right, I'm saying "Happy Halloween" to all my followers. I hope my ironic title caught your attention because I'm about to share something utterly terrifying with all of you! Save this Journal to your favorites and check it now and then, cuz I'm gonna be updating it as I go. My man Nate, the quarter master of the BFP has been playing Five Nights At Freddy's and other indie horror games for the purpose of entertaining the people of the internet. Don't let him suffer for nothing. Go and enjoy the frights now.

More videos will be added later. This is all for now.
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I just want to know. Who at Microsoft thought it was a good idea to name their new siri equivalent after the ai from halo that went rampant?
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I have to warn you. This story is not well-thought-out or planned ahead of time. Although I'd love to, I'm not going to tell you an epic tale today. This isn't an action movie. This isn't a gripping drama or a twisted mystery. This is NOT a love story! This is my life.

My name is Blake. I won't lie to you. I just want everyone to know why I do what I do. In order for you to understand that, I may have to give you some background now and then, so just bear with me.

I had always been a hopeless romantic but the day this story REALLY starts can be clearly defined. I remember that day like the back of my hand and I always will. It's date is burned into my memory like the hand of that nazi in the first "Indiana Jones" movie. It was September 11 2010. Ironically, the best day of my far. That was the day I met my girlfriend. I was at a church related event at sixflags, having fun, enjoying the rides. My friend Jake, he's a major player, was being followed by a bunch of girls, as usual. And, no offence to Jake, he is my friend and all but I said I would be honest. He's kind of a douche when there are girls around. A little part of me HATES him! I admit that it's 76% jealousy but it's also because he treats his conversations with girls like a game. I guess that's why they call him a player. He's always looking to win, to get that prize. I don't mean anything sexual. He just wins them over and then completely forgets about them. Anyway, I'm off on a tangent. Let me get back on track. One of the girls wanted someone to win them one of those plush toys from the games. Specifically it was a bright pink unicorn. In a completely spazzy way I offered to try and win it. I've never been good at basketball and it was one of those hoop shooting related booths. so, naturally, I failed. Later that day, we were supposed to meet in a place deep in the back of the park, called "The Grove". We barely had enough time to get there never mind do anything else. I had a small argument with my friends and then left them to go back to that basketball game. I tried again and failed again. At this point, I was completely out of money. I headed back to the grove and the youth pastor, who was mad at me, made me sit outside of the place for an hour as a punishment. When I finally got into the place I met up with that girl I was trying to win the thing for. She told me her name was "Adrianna" or "Anna" for short. She asked where I had been and I explained what I had done. She must have appreciated it because she shared her curly fries with me. It wasn't quite the dinner that I had missed, but in a way, it was better. I met up with my friends again who seemed to be less angry at me and more interested in what I had been doing. My friend Jake asked me if I liked Anna. I said "Yeah" and he told me that her friends said she liked me too. To this day, I'm not so sure that was true. He may have just been trying to encourage me to get her number or something. Also, I didn't realize it until MUCH later but I'm pretty sure she was dating someone else when we left the park holding hands that night. I'll explain why I think that later. Anyway, right from the start it was FAR from the poetic love story I had always hoped for. She asked me for my number as we were leaving, but at the time, I didn't have my own phone. So, instead she told me her full name and I told her I would find her on FaceBook.

The day I got home, I added her on FaceBook and changed my status to "In a relationship", with her. I know what you're thinking, "STUPID! Being pressured into holding hands does not make you in a relationship!" I know, It was dumb, but hey! It sorta worked. She sent me a message saying, "Is that your way of asking me out?" and I replied with, "Yeah. I'm not really good at that stuff." or something similar to that. She confirmed the request anyway. Apparently, her parents didn't know about it at the time. Neither did mine. They found out pretty quickly and there were awkward conversations for the both of us.

We started doing things together, which was hard since we lived in separate states. We made long distance work for about a year. During that time, we saw a movie together. It was called, "The Adjustment Bureau". Not the most romantic. It was an action movie, but we both enjoyed it...I think. The plot of the movie is actually kinda important to this story so I'll give you a short summary of the important points. It was about a guy whose fate was changed by a group called the adjustment bureau. They wore fedoras which acted as keys to secret portals. whenever they opened a door, it lead to a different location than where it was supposed to go. There was something about the bureau being like fallen angels or something. One of the angel guys told them that anyone wearing a hat was to be considered a threat or something like that. I don't really remember and for some reason, the main character was dragging this girl around everywhere. He had to protect her or something and they ended up together in the end. So at least THAT was a LITTLE romantic. After the movie we went out to eat. We ate at a Ruby Tuesdays at the mall, but before that, we went shopping. Anna was into large necklaces and stuff of that sort, so we were in a jewelry store. I talked to her a little about how I'd like a yin yang necklace and she remembered that. While we were eating, we saw a guy with a fedora on and we started to act worried and then we laughed about it. I remember that I had the chicken parmesan. I think she had some pasta with a white alfredo sauce, but to be honest, I don't really remember. It's funny what the mind chooses to remember, isn't it? It says a lot about a person what parts of a day they remember. Anyway, as we were leaving the place to go home, she spread her arms to imply she wanted me to hug her and I did. It was nice. I think that was our first real date.

I think our second "date" was a hockey game. Though, it wasn't much of a date. We went with my youth group for an event called the "SuperBowl". Before you ask, no, it had nothing to do with football. Don't ask why it was called that. I don't even know. All I remember of that was that after the game, all the regular spectators left and only the church youth groups were still there. Now these were CHURCH kids, yes. -but don't get me wrong. These were church KIDS. So, when the church leaders out on the ice started throwing prizes out into the crowd, it became a mosh pit out there. Now I have to explain this to show you how TERRIBLE my luck is. Every year I had gone up until that night, I had caught one of the T-shirts, but on that particular night, when I expected to get one and told Anna I would give it to her, They wouldn't throw any my way. She, however, caught something. It was a ball that could be exchanged for one of two things; a shirt or a bag full of smaller prizes. She asked me what she should do. She wanted to give me something but the shirt was the nicer prize. I told her that I didn't need anything and she should get what she wanted but she got the prize bag instead. We split the candy that was in it. She took something. I don't remember what it was and she gave me something. She gave me this clear plastic cross necklace that lit up with different colors. I wore that thing for the whole next year. We had to split up after that, unexpectedly so we didn't really get to say "Goodbye" that night.

We talked a lot more on FaceBook after that. We went rollerskating and sent each other packages for our birthdays and holidays. My birthday is on April first. I don't really remember the DATE of her's, but I do remember that she told me she was born on a Friday the 13th. I used to tell everyone, "My dad was born on the 4th of July. I was born on April Fools. My girlfriend was born on Friday the 13th and we met on 9/11." I thought it was an interesting coincidence. I sent her a silver cross necklace, a teddy bear and some flowers. She sent me a Casting Crowns CD (The only one I didn't own at the time, which I found strange because I never told her that I liked that group or which ones I owned), a shirt, and a teddy bear. Now, I'm not some lame weirdo who does this normally, but I slept with that thing. I even brought it to camp with me later that year. I just loved it because she gave it to me.

Anna loved to snowboard so she invited me to go with her. It was really fun. We rode the chairlift together but nothing interesting happened. I tried to take a video of us going down the hill. I suppose I should explain that, now. At this time, I had a YouTube show which, let's just say, my parents didn't know about, for good reason. Filming the video didn't work too well because of the gloves. I face planted a few times. That was about it.

After that, I believe was when I asked her to the Freshman dance at my school. Now my school is filled to the brim with douche bags who think of nothing more than sex, so I wasn't too sure the night was gonna turn out good, but all I was thinking of was spending more time with Anna. Before we went, I had to meet and talk with her dad. I'm pretty sure he felt as awkward about that as I did. He didn't show up cleaning a shotgun, but he did tell me he loved his daughter. I told him I had no intention of hurting her and then there were a few moments of awkward silence. Anyway, I don't think he had a problem with me, yet. I'm not completely sure, but I think that was the night she gave me the yang necklace. It was a small piece of clay on a string that she made. It was the yang side, the black side, of a yinyang. I didn't tell her of course that the yang side symbolized evil. She had a matching white one that fit with mine. When I was at school one day, The string broke and I lost the necklace somewhere in the hallway. I never did find it. That night is a bit of a blur, simply because it consisted of nothing more than dancing and having friends make comments about how terrible I was at dancing with a girl. Allow me to explain, as many of you may know, I'm an amazing dancer. I'm not trying to brag, just stating a fact. I said I would be honest. However, I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about two-person dances. Anyway, I got the hang of the basic steps. I showed off my "Pop and Lock" a bit. You see. as great of a dancer as I am, wherever I go there is always ONE, and ONLY ONE, person who is better than me. At my school dance, that person's name was Yiite. Yiite is basically a reincarnation of Michael Jackson. He can do almost EVERYTHING that MJ could do. The dude was crazy. Anyway, because of him, I didn't get very much attention, but on that particular night, only one person's attention really mattered to me. I remember that was the first time I ever wore a black fedora, besides in the store of course. This one girl kept stealing it off my head and I had to chase her down to get it back. I remember that because it was annoying. The last slow song of the night was the one that says "I had the time of my life." and it's a duet. Anna and I danced together, singing the different parts of the song. I know I said that this is NOT a love story, and I'm getting to that, but this moment was pretty romantic. After that, we walked outside to the line of cars that were picking people up. My parents were parked all the way at the end of the line, so there was a long while that we were walking alone. Now, I said I would be honest and it's time that I own up to that. I never kissed a girl. I told my friends I did and they probably assumed this was the time it happened, but it was a lie. I'm one of the craziest most fearless people I know, but I'm such a loser when it comes to girls. I could never work up the courage to do it and I HATE myself for it. What DID happen in this time was that she told me she might be moving far away, to Virginia. It wasn't final because her house hadn't sold yet, but her father was hoping to go back to college at Liberty University in Virginia. I forgot to mention this but she had already sent me a letter telling me that, this was just the first time we talked about it in person. I'm saving the story about that letter for later, though. Anyway, we drove to my house and then she went home, and that was that.

Our last date was when Anna invited me to watch her compete in a sort of race. I don't remember the technical term for it but it was like a canoe race. The first part of that day was pretty boring. I couldn't see anything until they got right to the finish line, and Anna's team didn't win. What I REALLY remember about that day was after the race when she came to the shore to talk to me. When she came to the dance with me, she had to deal with the people from my past but now I was on her turf. We were walking together up a hill when we passed this tall asian guy. He shot me this weird, angry look. I swear, the dude wanted to kill me. I asked her why he was looking at me like that and she told me that he was the guy she was dating before she met me. At the time, I didn't realize it, but thinking about it now, it's possible that she was dating him WHEN she met me and that she left him. I could understand him being angry. Anna was a pretty great girl. She was beautiful, smart and passionate. She told me that day that she was planning to go to the camp that I went to every summer and I told myself I would finally kiss her then. She ended up going to a different camp, so that was the last day I saw her.

She moved away shortly after that. I messaged her on FaceBook and told her that we should probably break up, since we couldn't see each other anymore. She agreed and it was over. I didn't talk to her at all after that. It was just too painful. I didn't want to even think about her.

A few weeks after that, my parents found out about the YouTube channel that I mentioned earlier and gave me this huge speech about how God was disappointed with me because I made a couple sexual jokes and referenced swears. I didn't actually say them because at this point I didn't ever swear. I said things like "Grass hole" and "mother plucker". Ironically, now, at the time I'm writing this, my mom tells sexual jokes, gets into shouting matches with her mother, abuses herself and I've heard her say "fuck" at least four times. It's funny how people can change in two short years. I'm no exception. As I'm sure you know from my dA account, I'm no longer the same innocent, sensitive christian that I once was, either. This is where it all started.

Now, I'd like to take a moment here and explain how this all would have ended if this WERE a love story. I would have told her to wait for me. I would have gone back to SixFlags and gotten that stuffed unicorn. I would have applied and gotten into Liberty University, and moved out to Virginia. I would have showed up on her doorstep one day, with that cross necklace and the handmade "Yang" charm around my neck, singing the last verse of "Needing/Getting" by "OK GO". We would have gotten married and been like every other religious family, going to church with their two kids, one boy and one girl. The boy would be named Anthony after my grandfather who had no male heirs and the story would have ended like "Forest Gump" where the kid is in the same situation I started in, holding hands with a girl at Six Flags in Virginia at a youth group event. NO! That's NOT how it happened. I DIDN'T ask her to wait. I CAN'T get that unicorn. I LOST both of those necklaces, and I WON'T be singing an "OK GO" song. This is NOT a love story. If it were it would be over but it's NOT!

For about a year after that, I wasn't exactly looking for another girlfriend. For one thing, I had just gotten out of my first long relationship, but mostly it was because I wasn't really over Anna. I still hold on to the letter she sent me. I've never let anyone else read it but to be honest, I only wrote half of my most popular deviation. The other half was taken straight from her words to me. I'm sure you can figure out which one it is. In that next year I met a great new friend. Many of you probably know her as xXHydraulisXx, Tsabouna or whatever she changed her username to now. I was almost finished with TM BOOK 1 at the time and she introduced me to dA. That's how I got where I am.

This past year, I went to a halloween party at my friend's house. Her name is Rebecca and I know her from karate. At her house, I met a girl named Jordan. From the moment I saw her, I liked her but as I got to know her more I liked her even more. She was cute, funny, smart, kind and she laughed at all my jokes. I decided I would finally move on, forget about Anna and ask Jordan out. Junior prom was coming up at my school so I decided I would ask her to that. I first texted Rebecca to ask her if Jordan was dating anyone. She told me that she wasn't but she was interested in someone else. I should have just given up right there but I liked her too much. I tried and tried to ask her, but everytime I saw her, I chickened out. I've already stated this but I figure I may as well re-iderate. I'm such a loser when it comes to girls. i can't bring myself to do anything. Finally, I worked up the nerve to call her. I texted my friend, Rick, to ask him for her number. He, of course, immediately knew why I wanted it and he seemed pretty optimistic about the idea. I called her many times but she never picked up. Maybe it was because she didn't recognize the number or maybe it was just my terrible luck again. I dont know, but it got to the last day that I had to buy the tickets and I HAD to ask her, but I didn't want Rebecca to see me do it because she had already told me not to. This was VERY difficult because they were best friends and had ALL the same classes. They were ALWAYS together in the halls and at lunch. Since Rick already knew that I was trying to ask Jordan out, I got him to try and help me seperate the two. It was at lunch and it was the last time I would see her that day, so Rick was trying his hardest but he couldn't get Rebecca to follow him. So I missed the chance. We got back to class which I remember was science class and I was freaking out. Rick tried to calm me down and he said "You can just ask her Monday." and I was shouting "NO I CAN'T!" and he asked, "Why not?" and then I shouted at him, "BECAUSE TODAY IS THE LAST DAY I CAN GET THE TICKETS!" Of course, I didn't realize until that moment that I never actually told him I was trying to ask her to PROM. "I'm sorry." I said, "I should have mentioned that." I figured my last chance was to text her. It's lame I know, but it was all I could do. I typed out a general invitation like, "Hi, Jordyn!" (Yes, I spelled her name wrong. I suck!) "This is Blake. Do you want to go to prom with me. :)" Then I gave the phone to Rick so that I couldn't stop it from sending. She texted me back saying something like, "No. Sry I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. I hope we can stay friends." Of course, I had the "wrong idea" all along and after that it was too awkward. We don't talk much anymore. I mean, we say "Hi!" every now and then but we're not really close like we used to be.

A while after that, one of my friends told me that one of Jordan's friends asked him to talk to her because she (not my words) "Flirts too much". Maybe they're right because I thought she might actually like me but, of course, that was foolish. NO ONE likes me. I'm not sure if he ever did talk to her because I never heard any more about that.

Now, I'd like to tell you how this would have ended if this WERE a love story. I would have gone to her and told her what people were saying about her. I would have chuckled a bit and said "It's Ironic really". She would have asked, "What?" and I would have replied, "Well, I wouldn't change a thing about you- well, maybe one thing." and she would have asked, "What?" and I would say, "I'd just want you to like me." then I would have gone on one of those poetic speeches saying, "I don't know if you think, because I asked you so late that you were the last person I thought of but you weren't. You were the only person, I just couldn't work up the courage to ask you." Then I would beg her to give me a chance and she would end up really liking me, but NO! That's NOT how things work. I DIDN'T say any of that stuff and she DOESN'T LIKE ME! This is NOT a love story. I wish it were, but it's NOT!

All this drama and shit happened towards the end of school, of course. Then, this past summer, I went to camp again. It's technically a christian camp but pretty much everyone who goes there with my church is a hypocrite. They all swear and hit on girls and talk about sex and pick on this one gay guy. He wasn't there this year but everyone was still talking about him. Also, you're not supposed to bring any electronic devices but everyone brought their phones. One person even brought an iHome and we listened to music when the councilors weren't in the room with us. There are a few things you need to know about the camp to understand this story. It's a very competitive camp. On the first day they split us up into two teams. This year, it was Spartans VS. Titans and all of my group was on Spartans. When we're not playing team games, there are a few things you can do with free time. There's a bus that brings people to lake side, which is basically just our private beach. There is a porch on the main building where alot of people sit and talk. There is a game room that has a pool table, two ping-pong tables and a few other games, an indoor pool and a craft room, but the place that almost EVERYONE goes is what's called a "Gaga pit" it's a small octagonal walled-in area where people play "Gaga". Gaga is a rather simple game, and although it sounds retarded, it's one of the most fun games ever invented. It's like dodgeball where you want to avoid getting eliminated, but it's a free-for-all and you're only out if you're hit in the feet. You can't pick up the ball and you can't touch it twice in a row. There was this asian guy, two years older than me, who they call "Monkey Man" (everyone gets nicknames in Gaga. I was Ginga Ninja.) Monkey Man did flips and handstands and cartwheels and crazy dodges. That's what he was famous for. He was the best player, by far, but he graduated last year so he wasn't there this year. Thanks to that, I won like eight games on the first day alone. I'm one of the more well-known players of that game because I do crazy things like monkey man did and I'm almost as good as he was. It was really always me and my friend Chris that were the last two in the game and not because we were teamed up, OH NO! He knows I'm a threat so he aims at me ALL THE TIME! There's a certain medical condition you get from playing Gaga too much, too. It's most often referred to as "bloody knuckles" and is caused by accidentally scrapeing your fist on the ground when you hit the ball. It hurts like Hell! Anyways, that's all you really need to understand about that. Another thing, my church was ALWAYS on the winning team, because we were half the reason that our team won. I should also explain that shortly before I left for camp I had fallen asleep to the song "Radioactive" by "Imagine Dragons" on loop, so I had that stuck in my head the whole week.  I've been told that I'm an amazing singer. I don't agree but I sing out loud now because people like to hear me sing. Because of that I got it stuck in EVERYONE elses head too. I got everyone in my room, an entire other room, multiple camp councilors and a group of, admittedly, really hot girls singing it but that wasn't till later in the week. I'll start from the beginning…

On Monday, my youth group drove up there and on the way we watched the movie "She's the man" it's a comedy about a girl who pretends to be her brother so that she can play on a boys soccer team. It's really funny but not too relevant to this story so I'll get back on track. Thank God we got to the place first, because the people who get there late get the cabins and those SUCK! All the guys have to share ONE shower. I don't mean all the guys in the room. I mean all the guys in ALL of the cabins, which is HALF the guys in the camp! Also, there's this thing that happens in the other building, the mansion, on Thursday night. You're not supposed to talk about it 'till it happens so I won't. Early on in the day, I saw my friend Luis playing his guitar on the porch. When he does this he's usually surrounded by girls. He wasn't at this point, and I said to him, "What? No girls yet?" and he just shook his head. When we met on the first day to be given our teams, they had my friend Jake stand up in front of the whole camp and told all the girls to stay away from him. I'm not kidding. That's how much of a douche he is around girls. The really ironic thing is that he's the son of the pastor of my church. The first day's game was a boot-camp-like obstacle course. The Spartans were split up into groups of six and for every group that completed the course, our team was given a point. The team I was on also had Jake, Josiah (a tall volleyball player), Dean (a guy from a different church), Chris and Zach (a parkour enthusiast). needless to say, our team was BEAST! most of the teams didn't even finish the course once. We ran it THREE TIMES! During that, I twisted my ankle and pulled a muscle in my other leg. So by the end, I could barely walk. The Spartans won for the first day.

The next day, I spent in bed. I was sun-burned to the point that I looked like a lobster. I was sick because Jake woke me up at 5:30 in the morning and I still couldn't walk. So I just stayed in the room and texted my friend Mikayla. Mikayla is a friend who I haven't known for more than a few months but I really like talking to her. She's four years younger than me, which is too bad because we really get along. Anyway, I told her everything that had happened and she told me what she was up to, hanging out with her friends. She said that she wished she was at the camp with me because it sounded like fun. I took a long nap that day and by the afternoon, I felt much better. That was great, because on Tuesday was the infamous "Night Game"! Basically, we had to sneak up a large hill in the pitch black and get a small plastic chip from the councilors at the top. The catch is that you can't be seen by any of the councilors who are on top of an RV with military grade spot lights. There was a girl walking in the woods behind me, who was on my team. I was dressed in all black and wearing a shirt over my head that I had made into a ninja mask. I had a whole pack of glow sticks already cracked and hidden under my shirt so that they made a small bright line of light on the ground. I happened to pull up my shirt and let out a large burst of light. I heard the girl behind me make a loud fear noise and I looked back and she was one step away from a huge hole in the ground. She told me I saved her life and she told me her name and she stuck with me until we got to the top of the hill. Then we had to split up so that we wouldn't get seen by the spotlight. I don't know what happened to her but I got a point for our team, which was more than Chris did, and he was wearing a ghillie suit. In case you don't know, it's the thing that snipers wear when they hide in the grass. It basically just makes you look like a clump of grass. We won again that day, too.

On wednesday, I was walking out to the main building, where the lunch rooms are, when I saw Luis walking the opposite way followed by two girls. "There it is!" I shouted. He said, "What?- OH! I get it." and then we kept walking. One of the girls, was pretty attractive. I'll be honest, short hair is a HUGE turn-off for me, but this girl pulled it off. her hair was dyed blonde and the front had pink highlights. She was wearing a red bandana in a way that it seperated the part with the highlights from the part without them. Anyway, I thought she was attractive but didn't think much of it at the time. There were alot of attractive girls at camp. That after-noon, as we were going into the cafeteria room to eat dinner, I saw her crying. I was going to ask her what was wrong but I didn't really know her and a camp councilor was already talking to her. So, I found Luis and I told him where she was. I gave them a few minutes and then snuck out of the cafeteria to see what was up but they were gone. I couldn't find them anywhere. I figured he took her for a walk and helped her clear her head. Immediately after dinner, we played two of the most violent, most anticipated games that the camp is known for. In fact, the camp has a reputation for injuries. Last year, Jake's sister had to go to the hospital because she broke something or something. I don't know, but the nurse asked her how she hurt herself and she replied, "I was playing a game at a camp" and the nurse's immediate reaction was to ask, "Camp Monadnock?", which of course is the name of the camp. So the first game was "The Grinder", where they harness two people from each team to opposite sides of a cable and you have to pull the other team far enough that you can knock a bouncy ball off the top of a cone. The strategy is to get your body low to the ground and dig in with your fingers. I didn't have any clean socks left, so instead of wearing sneakers, I was barefoot. I'm pretty sure I was doing all the work. The person who was supposed to be helping me fell right on his butt and got dragged all over the place. I managed to hold my ground for a little while but eventually the other team won. Next was "Tube Tug". The councilors place a pile of inner tubes in the middle of the field and you have to get as many of them over your team's line as possible. I played that barefoot too, and I did great at that. I had a ball (which is worth the most points) and I was running to my side and a guy tackled me. I chucked the ball at one of the guys on the other team. It bounced off his face and rolled back to me. I got up and got the points. There was this one guy who was like 3 times my size and I was playing defence and I slammed into him but nothing happened. then one of my teammates took him down and he got real mad and started shouting, "YOU WANNA FUCKING GO!?" I just said, "It's just a game." and the guy who took him out got right up in his face and made him back off. Later that day I met up with the girl who was crying earlier. I told her I had seen her crying and what I did and she told me that Luis played her a song which he made up on the spot and that she liked him. She introduced herself, telling me that her name was Candace but she prefers to be called "Candy". I introduced myself and we talked a bit. she seemed to be pretty happy, and she told me that she was crying because some guy had told Luis to stay away from her, as if he owned her or something. When they read the scores that night, the Spartan girls had lost both The Grinder and Tube Tug and the boys had won only Tube Tug, which was probably because our team's guys had more talent but theirs were larger and stronger. It goes without saying that we lost for that day. I wasn't there, however, when they read the scores because I went back to our room for the night after the games. I said I would be honest and unfortunately that means I have to tell you why. I had diarrhea. Now, Tube Tug is violent enough to make you shit in your pants even when you're not sick, but it was seriously a miracle that I made it through all the games. So, I hung out in the room that night. I popped some pills that I found in the councilor's bag. I remembered having seen the diarrhea pills earlier that day when I was looking for my phone, which he had taken that morning at breakfast. So I downed those, took a shower and wrote a song. You know, the usual. I did happen to find the phone and I recorded the song on it so that I wouldn't forget the tune. Also, it just so happened that that was the night of the senior pizza party. So I missed that.

Although we don't leave until Friday, Thursday is REALLY the last day of camp. At breakfast, one of the councilors announced that it was another councilor's birthday. His name was Alex. He was a tall bald guy and he was one of the better known councilors there. They announced that if you rub his head you would get a wish. They were joking of course, but I asked Alex what he would do if I rubbed his head. He told me he would punch me in the face and then I walked away. I signed up to go water tubing at the lake that day because that's one of my favorite things to do at camp. Until then, I just sat on the porch. Apparently, the chapel message that I had missed last night was about sex and the preacher was really hating on any girl who wasn't a virgin. Atleast, that's what I was told by Candy. Her, two other girls, Zack and I were all sitting there, talking. Candy was having a bit of a breakdown. She was ranting about how no one understands her and her parents are terrible and she has no one to talk to and everyone is just a bunch of conformists and her only friend just moved away. I'm not complaining that she was talking about that stuff, I feel the same way. Besides, I'm just glad she was talking openly around me. In fact, the majority of the time she was looking straight at me. I think she could tell that i was trying to be understanding. Eventually, I had to leave so I could catch my bus and go tubing. The next time I saw Candy she was walking away from where Luis was singing. I asked her, "Enjoying Luis' music?" and she just shouted, "NO!" and kept walking. I don't know what he did but it really upset her. At dinner, I told Alex that before the night was over, I would rub his head. That night, we played annhialation. I'll explain it the same way I explain it to everyone else. It involves a bucket burried in the ground, a volley ball and ALOT of Crisco. In case you don't know, Crisco is just bacon fat. While Alex was explaining the rules, I was standing on the sidelines making hand gestures to look like I was rubbing something, and every time I walked by him, I made it a point to run my fingers through my hair. The Spartans CRUSHED the Titans in that game. By the end of the time, the score was Titans 3 Spartans 10 and that was just the boys teams. I don't know what the girls' scores were but they clearly weren't good for the titans because when the councilor stood up and yelled, "Who thinks their team won Annihilation today?" usually both teams would start screaming but this time, the Titans were completely silent. On the way back to the chapel, I snuck up behind Alex and rubbed my hands all over his head and then BOLTED back to the room. He told me he would get me but didn't chase after me. I took a shower and grabbed a handful of mints out of my suitcase and stuck them into my pocket. Then I went off to chapel. They were singing a song. you probably don't know it but it says, "You're love never fails. It never gives up. It never runs out on me." over and over again during the chorus. It was During that time when I reached my hand into my pocket to grab a mint, but instead, I pulled out a small plastic cross, broken off from a necklace. I immediately knew what it was but I was confused. These were brand new pants. I had been missing this necklace for TWO YEARS. How did it get into my pocket? Just then, I saw Candy in the back of the room. She was sitting with her head in her lap, alone. I walked over to her and asked her what was wrong but she just shook her head. So I sat next to her but I didn't say anything more. During that time, the councilors announced that Spartans had won. Our entire team cheered and screamed at the top of their lungs but me, Candy and the guy sitting on the other side of her were silent. Then, the band they had there, "The Andy Needham Band", started playing a concert for all of us. Candy told the other guy something and then they walked out together. He came back and sat down, so I asked him what was wrong. He told me that Candy just had a headache. He walked her out and she went back to her room. I said that I was leaving, too. I told him It was because I didn't want to help clean up the mess after the concert, which I knew they would make us do, but honestly, I just didn't like the music too much. I walked out of the chapel but I stayed in the same building. I just sat on the stairs near the exit. I don't know. I know we won, but I still felt like such a loser. When the music ended, I snuck back to our room and stayed in there until the rest of my team got back.

Now it was time for that thing I mentioned earlier but wasn't supposed to talk about. It was referred to as the "Big Dance" don't ask me why? It had nothing to do with dancing. It was really just that all of the guys came out of their rooms while the councilors were gone and rode mattresses down the staircase. This past year, Mr. Harris, our room's councilor told us that someone in our room had asked him to stay there so that the Big Dance couldn't happen. Immediately we began pointing fingers. The first person blamed was Joe. He had been there the last year and Jake had harassed him a bit so we figured he was the one who did it. Jake was the one who created it, so he wouldn't kill it. Josiah wanted it to happen. I knew it wasn't me. Chris was definitely in favor of it. There were two zachs in our room. One it was his first time, so he couldn't possibly have known to stop it. so that left the other Zach, Joe and Luis. Zach was already asleep so he was the next one who got blamed. Then Jake pointed fingers at me because I was the one accusing everyone. Luis asked Mr. Harris if we could still do it and he said yes, as long as we didn't wake up the people who were sleeping. So we all took our mattresses and ran into the hallway shouting. New Zach (That's what I was calling him all week) brought his iHome and we set it up. Someone from one of the other rooms had a strobe light. Joe was one of the first people to start riding the mattress down the stairs, we immediately assumed it was Zach who wanted to stop the Big Dance, but Mr. Harris later admitted that no one had requested him to stay there. The first song that Jake played on the iHome was "Radioactive", which I had JUST gotten out of my head. I didn't mind though. I LOVE that song! After that, the song was "Dirty Bit" by the Black Eyed Peas. Then there was some dubstep. I danced a bit but there was this black guy with an afro there. He was the ONE person who was better than me and he showed me up, so I stopped dancing. Any way you can imagine to ride matresses down a staircase, we did it; feet first, head first, standing, with a bunch of people in a line. We even made double decker matresses. New Zach, the one who did parqour, did a backflip off the door frame. It was crazy. There were fat people crumping and rap battles and people climbing up the stair railings. Then, the councilors got back. The first one who walked through the door and turned on the lights was Alex. I held a matress in front of my face and snuck past him, back to the room. We some how managed to lose a matress. I've no idea HOW you lose a matress but we did it. It was like a regular frat party, except without any alchohol. We proved that you don't need to be drunk to have fun and go crazy. After that, the other councilor for our room, Nate, gave me my phone back and I texted Mikayla until about four in the morning.The next day, we left. I probably won't see Candy again. That's just how things go.

If this WERE a love story. I would have been the one who talked to Candy when she was crying. I would have given her my number and said, "If you ever need to talk to someone..." I would have a real ending for this whole pile of shit that I call a story. I'm NOT trying to teach a lesson. There is NO moral to this story, but if there was, it would be this. Life is NOT a love story! It doesn't have happy endings. It goes on.
Not a Love Story
It's time I come clean about some things. What you read here is the honest to God truth, no matter how embarrassing stupid or lame it is. This is why I am who I am. If you don't particularly care about me, don't bother to read this. But if you're into psychoanalyzing people like I do and you're just curious what makes me tick, here it is. I wrote this about a year ago, but of course, anything that's happened since follows the same pattern: Interest, Cowardice, Stupidity, rejection. So you get the gist.
PART 4: Robin Hood
At night, a shadow slips in the room. It dances elegantly towards a bureau and opens it. Slowly, silently, pulling out the valuables. With cat-like grace, she flutters out the window as quietly as she came in. She wakes no one.
B2 C17 P4
did anyone notice that my descriptions are starting to sound like the splashes on the minecraft main menu. Slowly, they have devolved from actually helpful descriptions to short but clever sentences. Soon enough you will be given nothing but incoherent and seemingly unrelated adjectives and nouns...




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I was born in a town with a very strange name, Belchertown, honest! I've basically lived here my whole life. I've always loved creative writing. So, when I got to the grade where it was no longer part of the curiculum I was really disappointed. since then I write for fun in my free time. I hope you enjoy my stories because my main goal in writing them is to entertain people. (also I'm lazy so getting paid to do nothing but type what's on my mind would be pretty awsome.) I notice that this BIO is very rambly (Not a word, I know) but that's because I didn't put much effort into it. I promise that my stories are alot less random. ssssooooo........WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? CHECK 'EM OUT! and I would appreciate feedback so thx to those who give it.
Well, hello, there. It's nice and creepy out. That's right, I'm saying "Happy Halloween" to all my followers. I hope my ironic title caught your attention because I'm about to share something utterly terrifying with all of you! Save this Journal to your favorites and check it now and then, cuz I'm gonna be updating it as I go. My man Nate, the quarter master of the BFP has been playing Five Nights At Freddy's and other indie horror games for the purpose of entertaining the people of the internet. Don't let him suffer for nothing. Go and enjoy the frights now.

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